Bothered by Tendon Pain? Kinesio Taping Can Help

Bothered by Tendon Pain? Kinesio Taping Can Help

Tendon injuries are common injuries that often develop as a result of overuse. Running, jumping, pitching, or hitting can also lead to tendon pain. Kinesio taping can help relieve tendon pain, and chances are high, you’ve probably already seen this brightly colored tape out on the fields. There’s a reason this tape can be seen anywhere from tennis courts to half marathon courses to professional dance competitions: it works!

Interested in Kinesio taping, but unsure where to turn? Dr. Dustin Hamoy offers Kinesio taping as part of sports injury treatment plans here at Precision Laser Joint and Spine Pain Center in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

Here’s a closer look at how taping can help tendon pain.

What is Kinesio tape?

Invented in the 1970s by Dr. Kenzo Kase, Kinesiology tape 一also called Kinesio tape一 is a type of athletic tape that mirrors your skin’s natural elasticity. Unlike regular athletic tape, Kinesio tape doesn’t restrict your movement. Instead, it applies support, reduces pain, and helps improve athletic performance without limiting your range of motion.

Because Kinesio tape is made of a unique blend of cotton and nylon, it’s stretchy. It also features medical-grade adhesive and can stay in place for up to five days 一 even through athletic events and showers.

How does Kinesio taping help tendon pain?

Kinesio taping helps reduce tendon pain in a few ways. 

Kinesio tape decompresses your tissues

First, the tape gently lifts your skin, creating a small space between your skin and the tissues (such as tendons) below it. This lift is enough to decompress some of the pressure on the underlying tendons and fascia. 

Kinesio tape stimulates blood flow

Studies show that Kinesio tape encourages blood flow and lymph fluid drainage 一 two key elements of wound healing. Improved circulation helps promote injury healing because more blood flow leads to improved cellular repair and enhanced collagen synthesis, allowing for the microscopic tears or damage to heal more efficiently. 

Kinesio tape supports weak areas 

Taping a weak area can help support tendons by encouraging normal movement. The tape won't compromise your mobility. Runners, for instance, may find that taping their Achilles’ tendon provides the support they need to keep running.

Kinesio tape supports your body’s endogenous analgesic system

Kinesio tape also helps relieve tendon pain by tapping into your body’s endogenous analgesic system. When your endogenous analgesic system is triggered, it releases neurotransmitters that help control your pain.

Kinesio tape works well with other therapies

Kinesio taping compliments other pain-relieving therapies, such as cold compressions, stretching, rest, physical therapy, and MLS laser therapy.

Bothered by tendon pain?

Whether you’re a runner dealing with Achilles tendonitis, or a golfer trying to manage a golfer's elbow, don’t put up with tendon pain on your own. Dr. Hamoy can answer your questions about Kinesio tape, show you how to apply it, and recommend any other treatments that might provide additional relief. 

Questions? Call our Glen Burnie, Maryland, office at 410-324-2968, or schedule your appointment by using our booking tool.

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