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MLS Laser Specialist

Precision Laser Joint and Spine Pain Center -  - Back, Spine, & Neck Specialist

Precision Laser Joint and Spine Pain Center

Back, Spine, & Neck Specialist & Physical Therapy located in Glen Burnie, MD

Musculoskeletal pain and injuries from playing sports are common problems that often require uncomfortable, invasive treatments. At Precision Laser Joint and Spine Pain Center in Glen Burnie, Maryland, the team specializes in using the multiwave locked system (MLS®) laser therapy from ASA Laser. This non-invasive, painless solution resolves pain and promotes fast and healthy tissue healing. Call the office to find out more about MLS laser therapy or book an appointment online today.

MLS Laser Q & A

What is MLS laser therapy?

MLS (multiwave locked system) laser therapy utilizes an FDA-cleared device that relieves musculoskeletal pain and reduces inflammation.

Precision Laser Joint and Spine Pain Center uses the MLS laser therapy system from ASA Laser to treat a variety of painful conditions. The technology features dual infrared light wavelengths to penetrate deep into your skin and access the bones and tissues underneath.

MLS laser energy stimulates cell regeneration in the treated area, which leads to the development of new tissue. MLS laser therapy also improves blood circulation, bringing oxygen and platelets containing growth factors to the injured tissues. These substances are vital to tissue healing and also help with pain reduction.

What conditions can MLS laser therapy treat?

MLS laser therapy is useful for treating a broad range of degenerative conditions and musculoskeletal injuries.

At Precision Laser Joint and Spine Pain Center, the team uses MLS laser therapy to treat conditions such as:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Back pain  
  • Neck pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Workplace injuries
  • Muscle strains and tears
  • Neuropathic conditions
  • Degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis)
  • Ligament injuries (sprains)
  • Tendon injuries (strains and tendinitis)

MLS laser therapy can also help you heal and reduce the time you need to recover after a fracture or orthopedic surgery.

What does MLS laser therapy feel like?

MLS laser therapy is typically comfortable and relaxing and only lasts around 15 minutes. People who've had MLS laser therapy report that a session is very much like having a warm massage.

The experience of having a therapy that is painless and warming encourages people to continue with their treatment program and makes the process of recovery far more pleasant.

How long does it take MLS laser therapy to work?

MLS laser therapy starts working immediately, so you should notice a reduction in your pain levels quickly. However, it can take several sessions to achieve significant results from your treatment.

The number of MLS laser therapy sessions you need varies depending on your condition and how well your body responds to the treatment. You might need to have two or three sessions a week for up to six weeks to achieve the optimal results.

To find out how MLS laser therapy can ease your musculoskeletal pain and heal your injuries, call Precision Laser Joint and Spine Pain Center today or book an appointment online.

* Individual results may vary.